How To Create More Time In Life

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Do you believe in timing? Do you believe in the term ‘the right timing’? When is the right timing? Does it even exist?

Somehow we do believe that it exists, so we hold on to the idea of waiting for the right timing. Waiting, and waiting, until the wait becomes irrelevant at some point in your life, then you convince yourself, ‘ah I missed the timing’.

Since the idea of timing becomes something that you can’t control, you try to comfort yourself when somehow you missed it, because there was nothing you can do. When that is partly false. There was something you could do, but you denied to do so.

Timing happens when we create time.

If timing happens when we create time, then why are we so resistant on doing so?

Between Reality And Make Believe

We human beings love to make our own conclusions of things. We’d like to create our own narratives of things in our heads, and convince ourselves that it is reality. Why? Because we all want to be in control of our reality. We all wish to have our reality as we like it to be. We all like to beautify things and stories in our lives.

That’s why we resist to actually come to find the real answers to our reality, cause most of the time, reality isn’t pretty, it isn’t dramatic enough, poetic enough, or beautiful enough to draft the story of our life.

Fear becomes the dominant factor on why we don’t want to know more, to see more, to create time more — for an honest reality of life.

Because by creating time, then comes full understanding of a person, a situation, a thing. Creating time unveils truth, and honesty. Creating time unveils answers of the questions you’ve been asking yourself.

Creating time becomes scary because we become knowing of the unknown — we become knowing of reality as it is.

Timing has little to do with the time itself, but more with the person in that time frame. Whether that person was in a ‘ready’ state or not to create time.

So how do we get to a ready state?

Practice Compassion Through The Simple Things

The Antidote to fear is compassion. Practicing self-compassion makes it easier for us to to overcome our fear of certain things. It may not necessarily erase the fear, but it may strengthen our reason to overcome it.

There are many ways to practice self-compassion, but I have to say my most favorite practice of self-compassion is by creating your own gratitude list, of things you are grateful about yourself. The things that you’ve done for yourself in each and everyday.

Like how maybe you bought yourself a sweet drink after a long day at work.

Or how you took yourself to your favorite coffee shop to meet and talk with your favorite people.

Or how you soothed yourself after a rough day.

Or how you took yourself for a run to feel energized and healthy.

Simple things.

Simple things to be grateful for — cause it’s the simple things that adds flavor to your life. And when you start to create your own gratitude list of the things you are grateful for about yourself, it makes you fall in love more with the person you are, which eventually builds confidence within, cause you start to see yourself in a positive light.

And with that you also become more accepting of yourself.

You become more understanding of your needs, deeply as an individual. Which helps you to become more genuine in your thoughts, actions, and feelings.

Sincerity Is Key

Being able to become genuine only comes after your understanding of your needs as well boundaries as a person.

Being genuine looks like speaking up for yourself when someone crossed your boundaries.

Or like expressing your anger and disappointment towards someone that have upset you.

Or like crying and asking for help from the people in your life that cares about you.

Or like expressing your love and gratitude openly towards the people that you love, or have meaning in your life.

When you’ve finally reached the stage of being genuine in all aspects of your life, overcoming fear doesn’t necessarily suddenly becomes easier. It may still be hard, but the difference is now that you are genuine, overcoming fear and creating time is not only a want but becomes a need. It becomes something essential in your life.

And when something is finally essential in your life, time happens.




I love to add pretty sprinkles and a dash of magic to beautifully written letters.

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Annisa Maulidary Muthiah

Annisa Maulidary Muthiah

I love to add pretty sprinkles and a dash of magic to beautifully written letters.

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